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iPhone & Apple Device Bluetooth Pairing Guide

iPhone 5 Bluetooth Pairing to Your Car

Video Tutorial Provided by Muscle & Motor’s Channel on YouTube

Bluetooth Pairing your new iPhone to the newer vehicles just got easier with iOS 8.

Since the Apple iPhone 5 comes with the new “Lighting Connector” the previous iPhone adapters no longer are compatible and are no longer necessary.  Your car needs to be turned on or in accessory mode.

Next, you will have to turn your iPhone on and get into your settings.  From your settings menu you can select “turn on” Bluetooth.  Once activated, the Bluetooth icon will appear on top of screen…  While your waiting Check Out The Snowboards For Sale by Ride.

pairing iphone using bluetooth

Then, you select “set up” on your car screen.  Navigating with your “rotating dial”, you will scroll into the “settings” menu.   At this point you select the “phone” option and press “enter.” Once you are in the “phone” menu on you car screen, you must select “pair”, then select the desired Bluetooth network.

In this case the network is “Elantra.”   The network name will appear with a pass code, i.e. “Elantra 0000.”

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How to solve or fix car bluetooth problems of IOS7 in your iPhone from Apple.

Video Tutorial Provided By Sergiopa2002 via YouTube

Pairing Bluetooth Audio to iPhone 5

Next you go to your phone and select the “Elantra” Bluetooth network and enter the pass code “0000” and click “pair.”

Your vehicle will then say “Pairing Complete.”

After you choose your desired audio feature, whether “Pandora” or your native media player, you then press “AUX” on your car followed by “MP3” and your Bluetooth will be successfully paired to your Hyundai Elantra.

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Now, you can then control all audio features from iPhone 5…

That’s how easy it is to master “Pairing Bluetooth Audio to iPhone 5″ – Thanks for Reading….

Big Thanks JR Guererro to for writing this article for us!

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