WeSyncUp wins BIG!


WeSyncUp won no less than three awards, including the coveted Gold Medal of the Jury, at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva!

Your meeting awaits you

WeSyncUp is an upcoming application designed to make meeting scheduling both easy and fast, even with many, busy, participants.
It will also help you syncing up with people in your day to day life.
Your meetings are just a couple clicks away.

Stop wasting your precious time !


Tired of spending valuable time scheduling meetings with clients and co-workers ? Checking agendas, setting up Doodles, following up on every participants… All this causes both endless and frustrating delays.
WeSyncUp makes meeting scheduling fast and easy.

Have you ...


… Ever needed to fit a meeting in your busy work schedule, both quickly and easily ?

… Ever wanted to meet up with some friends but your various schedules made it too difficult to do so ?

… Ever been baffled that scheduling a meeting is more work than the meeting itself ?

… Ever thought that life would be easier with an app helping you do all that ?

How will WeSyncUp help you


Saving Time

Undoubtedly you have better things to do, both in your professionnal and private lives, than checking organizers, setting up Doodles, following-up on every participants or any of the tedious tasks usually associated with meeting scheduling. WeSyncUp does the heavy lifting for you in just a couple clicks.

Bringing People Together

WeSyncUp is designed first and foremost for the corporate world but works just as well for casual encounters. Wether you need to meet important clients, busy co-workers or simply your friends, WeSyncUp is the solution for you

Scheduling Revolution

WeSyncUp is a new innovative app that will take the hassle of scheduling meeting out of your life. Made with the latest mobile development technologies by our veteran team, it is an intuitive tool that will quickly become a natural reflex.

Meet the Team


Fabien Muller

Fabien Muller


“I have been cradled in the watchmaking world, later to become a watchmaker myself. This early vocation evolved into exciting opportunities, from acting to realestate, ¬†until I became a business man.

Thus, timing has always been an important part of my life and it got to be even more so when I started to deal with the intrinsic issues of scheduling meetings with international partners and clients.

I was facing a problem and nobody was able to give me a solution. WeSyncUp was born”

Bertrand Vultier

Bertrand Vultier


“Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I was quickly drawn to the financial universe and the hedge fund industry. Thriving in this competitive sector, I learned early that every second counts and that technology is one of business’ best ally.

Fifteen years working with Sophisticated Algorithms Strategies taught me that you need to be able to act quickly, decisively and eliminate whatever causes useless delays.

This is why I am convinced that WeSyncUp will be a revolution in its field, such as Facebook or Uber were, and it will change the way we schedule meetings.”

Edouard Metulescu

Edouard Metulescu

Chief Technology Officer

“I have been working in on-line technologies all my life, from webdesign to mobile applications. These fields have been constantly evolving since their inception, forcing professionnals such as me to update their skills tirelessly to stay on top.

Nobody likes to waste time on trivial tasks but for those with heavy schedules, it is a luxury we simply cannot afford

When I was contacted by WeSyncUp’s founders, I was instantly convinced of the relevance of their idea and it is now my pleasure to contribute making it a reality.”

How to get the App ?


WeSyncUp is now available on both App Store and Google Play !